jeudi 13 juillet 2017

27 years after, all the same we need solidarity

Attack on the Rez
copyright july 19, 1997
by Marlene Simons

Attack on the Rez

Natives gatered in the pines
Rumored attack rang many times
There to protect the land
There to stay and make a stand

Early morning in they came
Cops armed to fight and remain
Women and children just waking up
The law didn't care -they didn't stop

Orders would be carried out
Attack the indians – They did shout
Throwing tear gas in natives direction
They blasted gunfire at the whole section

The women and children running for cover
Babies screaming in fear clung to the mother
Everyone's eyes burning from the tear gas
How much longer would this terror last

Warriors positionned in the rear
Fired back angrily with no fear
Yelling for the woman to hide
Quite aware the white man had lied

They knew what wasted source
They would be killed for a golf course
They'd kill the natives – Kill them all
Just so they could hit that golf ball

Years ago, strangers stold the land
Now natives made a stand
Enough is enough – They did say
This land is ours and here we'll stay

The creator protected them that day
The police retreated – They went away
One or their own had been shot
Not so brave now-Out they got

Then all hell did break loose
Hundreds of cops vowed abuse
Natives dug in and stood their ground
A David and Goliath now was found

So many police were not enough
The army was called to strut their stuff
Tanks n' guns they were fully equipped
Were ready to kill if one native slipped

The standoff lasted for many a week
A surrender is what the army would seek
The warriors held up in an enclosure
the army waited for their exposure

Meanwhile, police check-points at every road
Who could enter or not were told
Cars were searched from bottom to top
Food comming in was ordered to stop

Every native felt great pain
In this contry- This was insane
They would have taken our cemetary
Just to play golf- This was scary

But with the help from other reserves
The selfish got what they deserved
Our sacred land still remains today
The natives finally got their way

The warrioirs came out on their own
They made History – This is known
All were charged and later set free
Except two – Were at their mercy

Noriega and Lasagna – They were beat
Both did time- They took a heat
They came to help save our land
Once in jail- Alone they'd stand

The rez still hurts really bad
Children are scarred- That's so sad
Nobody will ever trust the law
Not after all the terror they saw

Our Vietnam-Vets suffer more flashbacks
Others are depressed- A result of the attacks
The emotional scars are so severe
That siege gave birth to distrust and fear

But there is also a great feeling of pride
For all of our people stood side by side
With one goal in common-They took a stand
And with great courage they saved our land

The rez was under attack at dawn
But the mohawks had them on the run
They wanted to take the sacred land
Risked their lives for liberty
To keep the sacred pine trees free

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